Framed Woman
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East of the Sun and West of the Moon
A Norwegian Fairytale. Commissioned and presented by Santa Rosa Junior College Theater Department, 2007 *Has been revised as the musical: “The Winter Rose” for Cinnabar Theater, to be premiered Fall 2009. Book by Janis Dunson Wilson, Marlies Dunson Primmer, and Kate Magill. Lyrics and music by Janis Dunson Wilson. Written for adults and youth, or youth only. Available Fall 2009.
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Underscore commissioned and produced by Santa Rosa Junior College Theatre Arts Department, 2009. Narrations by Tessa Rissacher and John Shillington.
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The Painter Documentary Film: The Painter is a 56-minute documentary about the ife of Fritz Rauh, a German painter who has resided in Northern California since the 1950’s. These excerpts accompany the different periods of his life. Pam Bell and Jim Wills, Writers, Producers, 2008.